Cambellton-Graceville Hospital Rehabilitation Services

Our focus is based on Compassion, Care, and Community, our Rehabilitation Services Staff has been selected based on each
therapists' attention to the quality of care they render, the compassion they show when working with patients who are struggling to reduce pain, regain strength, or restore functioning as well as their commitment to improving the quality of life within those communities we serve.

Our Commitment to you includes:
Arranging our schedule to meet your needs
A caring atmosphere
Outcome-oriented therapy
Evaluation within 24-48 hours
Personalized treatment with your therapists
Insurance verification and billing support

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If you are uncertain whether or not you or a family member can benefit from our services, please call 850-263-4431 ext. 2110 or fax us at 850-263-3312. We will be happy to answer any of your questions

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